About – Blox Box, Life-Size BUILDINGS In-a-Box


Think Big!

  • Imagine It, then Build It
  • Build Life-Size
  • Create Your Own Pet-Shop, Bakery, Store, and more
  • Build a Clubhouse, Fort, and Hideout
  • Sets Up Fast, Cleans Up Fast
      • Each Block Assembles in Just Seconds; Then Create, Stack, Connect to Build Everything you Can Imagine in Only Minutes!

Breaking out of the (plastic) mold –

Have you ever seen a child get more fun and adventure out of a box, than some ‘plastic’ toy that does just one thing? Well we have!  Why is this? Because there is a creator  in all of us that loves to imagine! We started to bring this concept alive a few summers ago when my wife and I  purchased a bunch of commercial-grade moving boxes, taped them all up, and put them on the front lawn.

You know what happened next?  The boxes were like magnet! Kids from across the neighborhood came over to play. They played together, they imagined great things, they built amazing life-size buildings to play in! They built everything they could think of like forts, store-fronts, clubhouses, and castles.

They played hour-after-hour, day after day, week-after-week, all summer long.  The kids had so much fun (and I did too):  Even so, a downside was discovered in all that: The kids all asked me; “Mr. Dave, could you make us windows, doors, and roofs?” They simple wanted bigger and better…!

That 2017 experience started me on a 2-½ year journey using my 15-years of packaging and business experience, along with my education to work.  I set out to design the ‘perfect’ toy that unleashes kids creativity, and offers life-size WOW-FACTOR no matter what ages they are.  PS: I also needed to keep my wife happy!  😉   She didn’t want all those fully assembled, taped-up, brown boxes all over the garage and house!

Over time, we developed the ‘secret sauce’ and now producw a patent-pending life-size building-block which is self-assembling, connectable, and collapsible.  To top it off, they now come in a variety of very cool designs kids love. We call them Box Blox™; our customers call them amazing and fun for the whole family!  Kids of all ages could ‘finally’ play together because the unlimited creatively from the builder in all of us.

One last thing; you too are part of our quest! We here at Box Blox love to “Build-up families, kids, and communities”: That’s our vision.  We hope Box Blox™ bring you and all the kids in your world tons of fun and un-ending good times!